The essence of a home's character is established by the qualities it contributes to the physical and psychological well being of your familyIf a home is designed to work well, it can enhance your life, bringing fulfillment and joy. If the building doesn’t address the essentials to foster and support better quality living, the home will become a source of frustration, disappointment and stress.















"We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us." Winston Churchill

Creating a space that will nurture and support better quality living involves much more  than fashionable and attractive decor. It’s about shaping a fairly narrow range of environmental conditions that our bodies demand to enjoy physical and pyschological health and wellness.

When these "essential qualities" are properly addressed, families experience enhanced wellness; improved sleep; less tension, anxiety, stress and depression; fewer doctor visits; better decision-making; increased productivity and improved learning. Moreover, the home will be more durable, require less maintenance and use considerably less energy than a conventional building.